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Friday, December 04, 2009

I Peed In My Pants and My Socks Are Getting Harder to Put On

At almost 26 weeks pregnant, it's young, youthful bladder decided to go sour on me last night.

I sneezed and wet my pants - something I heard that happens to some women, but could never understand. Well ladies and gentlemen, I now understand!

...and all I can say is "Oh my goodness! What is this little girl doing to me?"

My husband thought it was too funny and decided to take a picture of me in my pajamas. I can't believe I'm showing you this, but hey, I've shared all my weight struggles and successes with you over the years, why wouldn't I share a picture of me in my PJs with you?

Something else has changed. It's definitely getting harder to put on my socks. I've been darn good at working out during my pregnancy, but bending is definitely becoming more of a challenge. I typically workout between 3-5 times a week either walking, lifting weights, but mainly doing interval training on the stairmaster for 30 minutes just to keep up my cardio strength and make it easier to slim down after I deliver (you will be hearing all about it I'm sure).

I've noticed that as I continue to gain weight (I'm up 18 pounds), this added weight stuff is rough. If you, my friend, are finding yourself out of breath when climbing one flight of stairs, or feeling pain in your knees or back from the added strain of your weight, you have got to do something about it! It's not okay that you feel this way and it's really unhealthy.

I love being pregnant, but I can't believe the difference 18 pounds makes!! It makes me feel for every one of you who's carrying around some extra pounds. Get it off! You will feel lighter and leaner and more comfortable. Losing 20 pounds will make a huge difference! For me it's the difference between feeling lighter and thinner versus slower and heavier. Maybe the difference for you is 50 pounds or 90 pounds or 5 pounds...I'm not sure, but what I do know is this...a healthy weight changes not only how you look, but how you move around physically in your life.

Men, if you're carrying a bowling ball in front like I am right now,'s rough. It's hard to put socks on, pick up a dropped napkin from the floor or get up from a seated position. It's not easy and I feel for you! Take charge of your health and start getting some weight off. My 30-Day Blaster Challenge is among favorites, so that may work. If you're super lazy and cheap, just grab my Thin You, Within You Guided Meditation and listen, it does a lot of the work for you!

The other wonderful thing that I'm excited to share with you is that I've begun feeling her kick and move around like crazy. Over the past three weeks, it's become noticeable and frequent and I love it - it's like having my own personal little buddy with me all the time. What a magical and miraculous gift to have this little baby growing in my belly.

Next week is my glucose test and then I'm into my 3rd trimester - I hope that doesn't mean more peeing in my pants, but if it does, she's well worth it.

Have a wonderful weekend and do one kind and loving thing for your body this weekend - I'll be on the stairmaster peeing in my pants...(just kidding but I hope I made you smile).